Diagnostic (Laboratory, x-ray, Ultrasound)Diagnostic (Laboratory, x-ray, Ultrasound)

Diagnostic (Laboratory, x-ray, Ultrasound)
Diagnostic testing is a vital part of the decision-making process, which aims to increase diagnostic certainty, assist management and treatment decisions and provide a prognosis. If your pet has a specific problem at the time of the examination, the veterinarian may perform additional tests that are not generally part of a routine physical examination.

Laboratory: A wide range of tests are available including:
• In-house and outside Laboratory
• Bloods hematology and biochemistry
• Stool sampling
• Urine sampling
• Skin scraping
• Wood lamp
• Food test for components which might be reason of allergy
• Digestive disorders and intoxication.
X-ray: If you suspect that your pet has trauma or any inner injures, in minutes you can get result by x-ray examination using our latest digital x-ray machine.
Ultrasound: Our advanced ultrasound device not only allows the veterinarian to recognize structural changes in inner organs as well as with Color Doppler option we can evaluate blood circulation and functional conditions in area of interest.

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